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Posted By: hilda fish
31-Jan-05 - 01:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Disprove 'Christianity'...You can't.
Subject: RE: BS: Disprove 'Christianity'...You can't.
I often wish I could believe in all that Christianity stuff - it would make my life so much easier to have faith and trust in something outside ones own existence. In a way I'd never have to question or worry about anything. However I find, intellectually, that I just can't 'believe'. Once a very dear friend who was also into total conversion of others (he often called me a heathen) explained that his life had no meaning without his faith; in fact that the reason he took Jesus to his heart was because he was so desperate that the only other choice was suicide. That seemed pretty reasonable to me. Another dear friend is bound in the love of the Holy Trinity, father, son, and holy ghost. She lives her life with love, and I love her very much so that's also okay with me. I have Budhists, Wicca, Catholics, Taoists, Hindu's, Protestants, Communists, Anarchists, ┼theists, ┼gnostics, Pagans, and total Cynics as friends and I respect all their beliefs. Don't affect me as I know who I am and how I live. I'm grounded and clear. My son, prior to his death, went to church with my foster son, his brother, who went to church to fight a terrible drug habit and bad life style. I had a great old time when they invited me to come along, singing Karoake hymns. I bawled the hymns out at the top of my voice. They never asked me again but for a little minute before my dear boy died, the faith that is involved in ăhristianity gave him some peace. So still I have no more faith in Jesus than I ever had, or ever will, but I am glad that people 'believe' in whatever it is they believe in because it probably makes them either better, or happier people. It upsets me when, through the faiths that people have, they say that I am less than them. I am not - if I can give respect and sensitivity, then I have a right to receive it as well. The Christian attitude that says that particularly Indigenous people are 'less than' attitude has also said that my people deserve death and that's a real problem for me. Fortunately there have been some stunning Christians as well as many other faiths in this world who love and respect, and are prepared to die for their fellow humans rights. So good luck to everyone and in the end, I'm sorry to say this, but who cares really?