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Posted By: Little Hawk
31-Jan-05 - 12:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Disprove 'Christianity'...You can't.
Subject: RE: BS: Disprove 'Christianity'...You can't.
Oh my goodness... :-)

Calm down, GS, that's my advice. Be happy in your Truth and let others find theirs in the way that best suits them.

How do you know that the Spirit of Christ is not living within all great religions? How do you know that the Spirit of Christ was not incarnated in certain other individuals, such as Buddha or Krisna, to name two obvious candidates?

You don't. I'm telling you that it is a distinct possibility. The Spirit of Christ may be an eternal conscious principle that incarnates wherever and whenever it is needed...and not just on this little blue planet, 3rd from the sun...and the man "Jesus" whom you are familiar with from the Bible may have been speaking AS that indwelling Spirit of Christ which is within ALL living beings when he said "I am the WAY...etc..."

If you were born a Hindu you would have found the words of the Christ Spirit issuing from the mouth of Krishna, and you would have found those words in their holy book, the Baghavad Gita.

In other words, the living WAY speaks from the mouth of a god-filled man and says "I am the WAY". That doesn't mean the WAY is limited only to that man. It doesn't mean that man is the WAY, it means the WAY is speaking through that man. Buddha may also have been spoken through by that WAY. Krishna may also have been spoken through by that WAY.

I think you are confusing the man with the power that illuminated the man, that's what I think.

The WAY has always been and always shall be. In China, it was called the great Tao (The Way). The mouths through which it speaks command attention, and their words often result in the writing of holy books, and the launching of a new religion or philosophy (like Taoism). That is what happened around Jesus of Nazareth. The new religion built on his words by his followers who survived him (physically) was one more reiteration of a very ancient spiritual message. And it WON'T be the last...

God is Love. Love does not secure itself through scare tactics.

There are almost certainly many living souls right now on other planets. They are not going to go to hell, because they haven't heard of the Bible or of Jesus. The principle that is the Christ ("the anointed one") no doubt lives inside them too, and inside every atom, but it will not manifest to them AS the man, Jesus. It will manifest as someone else. It will still be the same Spirit, regardless.