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Posted By: Bobert
30-Jan-05 - 08:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Disprove 'Christianity'...You can't.
Subject: RE: BS: Disprove 'Christianity'...You can't.
Yo Mike,

I'm glad that you have found Salvation and as a follower of Christ myself would offer one small bit of advice. Yellin' at folks ain't gonna convert anyone. Just be you. Live as you know Jesus would have you live. Let your words and deeds glorify Him and leave it at that. Testimonials are fine when preachin' to the choir but don't work too well outside the choir. Might of fact, they are often detrimental...

Teach, don't preach.

Yeah, I know I spend a lot of time on the soapbox but, inspite of some folks feelings that I preach too much, I'm stickin' with my story that I am trying to say the things that I think Jesus would say about the current state of affairs.

But I love all my Christian brothers, fir sure... (Okay, as well as my non-Christian brothers