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Posted By: robomatic
29-Jan-05 - 08:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
Jim, thank you for your even tempered and well written response to my post above. I could have gone on for pages and it's a fine thing I didn't. It's a matter I've gone over and over again on my own and with my relatives. And life certainly goes better with faith (said the physicist).

Re: Abortion: I think it is equally ludicrous to insist that a group of cells a day after fertilization is a baby as to insist that a group of cells a day before delivery is anything less. There is a song reference here, it is Monty Python's "Every sperm is sacred".

I think the US Supreme Court worked hard and rendered a good decision in Roe V. Wade. When you consider how long that decision has held through emotion laden contension and rapid technological advances, it is quite remarkable.

Those dreadful third trimester abortions exist for one reason only: where the mother's life is endangered. There was a story about just such a case written by a woman in just that situation in the Boston Sunday Globe about six months ago. I defy anyone to read it and not be outraged by the blanket prohibition that almost got through Congress last year. It would put a conscienscious doctor in an impossible situation. (Having not read the bill, I'm trusting to what I heard, that the bill did not make allowance for the health of the mother).

I don't know where the Biblical foundation of the anti-abortion movement lies, (and of course, there are probably people who don't like abortions who don't need a Biblical foundation. I don't like abortions). I am curious as to where the concept of 'cell division' = 'baby' comes from.

And of course, to put it bluntly, God performs most abortions. I had a friend spontaneously abort after a few months. She and her husband were devastated.

Whatever the numbers of surgical abortions may be, each of them is the result of an individual decision, predicament, call it what you will. I'd rather have individuals in charge of their own lives. Someone might be willing to deal with a hydrocephalic young 'un. Someone else might not.

My pet peeve is with those who say they are "anti-abortion, except in cases of rape or incest." They have just said they are PRO abortion, provided its on their terms.

The term 'abortion on demand' is misleading to the extent it makes it seem like a stop at the hairdresser. It's an embarassing invasive procedure that has significant repercussions to the life of at least one family. If a woman is that intent on terminating her own pregnancy, and she can do so safely, I say her decision trumps government.