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Posted By: Jim Tailor
29-Jan-05 - 06:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left

I think the discussion is (at least partially) to determine who is representing the more moderate view. It was, after all, Joe Offer who raised the "hysterical" rhetoric.

By your own terms you claim "An abortion is not a murder. It is an interruption of a process that has not yet produced an individual". The implication being that, were the process far enough along, your opinion might change.

But the pro-choice side is the one most adamant that that kind of line NOT be drawn -- that no distinction made to distinguish the millions of those farther along (by your own allowance as how there is a process) in the process, so as to allow the killing of those whom you would put on the "not produced individual(s)" side of the arguement. The pro-choice side, not the pro-life side is better characterized as hysterical. The pro-choice side is at least as immoderate as the pro-life.

I now know 4 perfectly healthy children who only went to a 23 week term. Three are "normal". One is downs syndrome. If you were to tell the pro-choice, ultra-liberal Democrat that gave birth to that lovely downs syndrome child that she should have aborted that imperfection, I doubt that, pacifict that she may be, she wouldn't haul off and deck you.

As Americans become increasingly aware of the viability of so many VERY short term births that are resulting in perfectly healthy children, they are also becoming increasingly horrified at the entrenched insistance from the Pro-choice left that no change be made in our public policy. It is becoming increasingly evident how immoderate "abortion on demand" is, or has become.