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Posted By: akenaton
29-Jan-05 - 05:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
I can understand your stance Little Hawk, but most "religious" people dont think like you.   As in other topics you strike me as an individualist.
Although Im an atheist, that doesn't mean that I cant be "spiritual".
I feel inspired by the beauty of nature or the intricacy of the insect world, or music, or even someone like yourself writing on an internet forum.
But to me the thing that drives the "orthodox religious" is not love, but the promise of eternal life (in heaven).
To wish to live forever is in my opinion both selfish and egocentric.
I know you love Burns , and "Holy Wullie" is a typical example of what I mean,and dont think Im out of touch , because here in Scotland the "Holy Wullies" are still alive and well.
I was fortunate enough to be brought up from childhood by an old batchelor uncle who taught me all I know of nature and kindness to my fellow creatures. He also taught me compassion and how to stick up for my self when the need arose. We were quite inseparable, we slept together , worked together and even enjoyed our sport of greyhound racing together for twenty years ,until the day I got married.

I gave old Jock many a worry in my youth, experimenting with the booze and keeping late hours, but as I matured I began to realise that I had something that not many people on this earth have.
Someone who loved me with a real unselfish love.
In fact I know for certain that if it had been necessary, Jock would have given his life to save mine without a second thought.

Jock wasn't the "son of god", just a good kind old man, but although he had no "religion", he had more spirituality in his little finger than the whole sanctimonious gang rolled into one ...Ake