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Posted By: Little Hawk
29-Jan-05 - 04:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
Oh, I understand Bill's reaction, akenaton, but it just kind of tickled my funny bone in a way... Like all people, Bill is an advocate for his particular version of "reality". We just can't seem to help being so. :-)

I think of both heaven and hell as what could be termed divergent states of mind. Thus, I think there are many heavens and many hells...all analogous to their own level of consciousness. A person who feels most at home in one of the "hells" does, merely because it makes sense to his level of to him it might not even seem like hell. Or it might. Hard to say.

Suppose you have a person whose basic philosophy is: "Life is cruel. No one can be trusted. You have to fight constantly to survive, and steal and lie in order to live." Now that person is living in hell, simply because he sees it that way. He's already in hell. I've witnessed people like that, and it's a sad thing to see.

I don't view "hell" as a punishment. I don't believe that God or the Infinite or whatever you would call it would ever punish anyone. People punish themselves through their own negative thinking...and they sure as hell punish others too! People are the punishers in this Universe. God is Love. Love does not create hells and does not cast sinners into them to suffer. Love allows people to find their own level of reality according to their own free will and awareness.

You can be in heaven or hell right here and now while you are still in the body. It's your state of mind that determines that, mainly...though people will also point to outer conditions. (Certainly, there are some outer conditions that no one but a saint could find much joy in! Most people would interpret those as hellish.)

I think that there are very likely a great many non-physical realities or dimesions, all built by conscious awareness, and that people naturally gavitate (as bodiless spirits) to the one that best suits their present level of awareness. They do that sometimes when they're dreaming, and they do it when they "die".

If their awareness is peaceful and loving, they go to a level that fits that awareness. If their awareness is fearful and hateful, they go to a leve that fits that. It's entirely up to them.

The function of a saviour or a great spiritual teacher, in my opinion, is simply this: to set the example of higher spiritual awareness through his/her own behaviour, and to guide anyone who is willing to listen and learn and work toward that higher awareness.

It's up to them. They will not be judged or punished, but they will certainly be in charge of finging their own "heaven" or "hell". As they sow, so shall they reap.

I think the only real difference, Bill, between you and me...and maybe me and Akenaton this: I believe I have a non-physical spirit that is just temporarily using this physical body like a we use a car, for example. And you think that it all ends when the physical body dies. You guys think you ARE the body (and mind). I think that I'm an immortal consciousness that has built and is temporarily using this body/mind known as "George", and I will soon discard them both, process what I learned using them, and move on to further expanded spirit life without the body/mind. My Spirit is far wiser than my mind, but it has to work down through the mortal mind and the mortal body in order to communicate with you here and now in the English language on Mudcat and type these friggin' computer keys!

(talk about an inefficient way to communicate!)

It's primiteve down here, guys! And slow! But it's very interesting and challenging, so that's all right.