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Posted By: Nerd
29-Jan-05 - 01:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq

you obviously didn't read what I wrote. Just because the Iraqis are Shiites does not mean they are Persians, any more than all Catholics are Romans. Iraqi Arabs were converted by Persians to Shia but remained Arabs for all that.

It is wrong to say that Sunni islam is an "Arab faction." The Kurds are also Sunni, but not Arabs. Ethnicity and religion are not the same thing. An Irishman is Irish and a Frenchman is French, even if they are both Catholic. Just so, most Iranian Shiites are Persian and most Iraqi Shiites are Arabic.

Please read this, and my previous posts on the matter, before responding to them.