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Posted By: Ron Davies
29-Jan-05 - 07:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
My point is that in (what became) West Germany in 1945 (not East Germany), there were no strong anti-democratic or anti-Western forces. (Tell me that's true in Iraq.)   I'm aware there were French, British and US zones---by the way, anybody have information on German attitudes 1945-1955 toward British and French popular culture?   I would in all seriousness be very interested (if this be thread creep, make the most of it).

At any rate, drawing a parallel between Iraq and West Germany is absurd.

Also, has anybody noticed that the same crowd that railed against Clinton and ridiculed his administation in the 2000 campaign for the naivete of "nation-building",-- as well as pillorying Carter in the 1970's for making human rights a foreign policy issue---is engaged in--guess what-- in Iraq and Afghanistan. Can you say "flip-flop"?

As to the outcome of the Iraq elections--most likely is an eventual break-up of Iraq. Perhaps for Bushites this qualifies as "good news".

The Kurds want their own state, or as much autonomy from Iraq as possible. The Sunnis fear retribution for Saddam's crimes and oppression of the Shi' ites. The Shi'ites are happy with majority rule. ( I wonder why). It hinges to a large extent now on how serious al-Sistani is on maintaining his "quietist"--that is to say--no interference in politics--strain of Islam.