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Posted By: GUEST,guest from NW
29-Jan-05 - 02:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
"Because you seem to want bad news to happen..."

this is an absolutely false statement and an uninformed opinion that shows more of that lack of critical thinking skill i was talking about with dougR.

"...and perhaps, hopefully not, take glee in it. It is sick."

i take offense at this statement. i feel no glee AT ALL about our world situation and wish nothing but a fair and good resolution to this FOR ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED INCLUDING THE IRAQIS. my attitude is not sick, you know nothing about me and if this is what you read into my postings...well, i'm going to hold my tongue on what i think of your attitude because then i'd sound like YOU!

"This isn't being presented with the proper respect due to a situation in which people are and will be getting killed. mg"

this i just find baffling. this situation should be brought to a swift close and people should not be getting killed because of one man's (administrations) hubris, greed, and ignorance. i have no idea what you would consider respectful in this instance. not talking? being quiet while this horror goes on in my and your name? you lost me here.