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Posted By: GUEST,guest from NW
29-Jan-05 - 02:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
"Oh Friendly Guest from the N.W.: I didn't realize that you were depending upon me to point out the good things that are happening in Iraq."

i wasn't. i just hoped that since you had originally told me there was plenty i wasn't hearing about you could direct me to some sources rather than your hearsay pronouncements.

"It's not surprising that you are not aware of them, because you probably only watch the "popular" networks and CNN for your news."

i don't watch TV news unless i'm stuck in a hotel room. i read newspapers, newsmagazines, and look at various world and domestic news sources on the internet. where do you get all this "good news" that you say i'm unaware of?

"Schools have been rebuilt, the entire infrastructure (admittedly that was destroyed by the war) is being replaced and improved, women have rights they haven't had in decades, etc. etc."

i'm still waiting for one single link or source to back up any of your hearsay. don't you have ANY? can you only spout hearsay and call it fact? and even have the nerve to add "etc., etc." as if EVERYONE knows all this stuff that, at the same time, you say is not reported? some critical thinking skills needed here.

"I will not assume the reponsibility for ferreting out the positive news for you, Oh Mighty friend from the Great N.W.. Just open your eyes."

i don't doubt that you shirk responsibility. i'm guessing you also oppose any tax hikes to pay for our troops' supplies. or conservation of energy to mitigate the need to intervene in middle eastern countries. or a draft to spread the pain of loved ones' deaths around to all sectors of society rather than the poor and minority population. no, i don't doubt your unwillingness to assume any responsibility. not even enough to act like you care about reasoned discourse enough to provide sources for your hearsay. by the way, my eyes are open but they don't see the same mirage you're viewing.

"The best positive sign is the fact that within two days the Iraqi people will take the first step in taking control of their own country. That ain't too shabby my friend."

once again, a well publicized news event cited that does not address IN ANY WAY my original inquiry for the underreported good news that you yourself brought up (as quoted in my earlier posts). nor do you provide one single piece of evidence to support any of your hearsay, and then try to turn it back on me as if i should be ferrting out proof for your baseless claims. and then finish up with a classic bushite slogan "within two days the Iraqi people will take the first step in taking control of their own country" which also has very little basis in fact if you've followed the torturous path of this cynical, illegal and morally corrupt "pre-emptive" war.

impressive. no facts, no reasoning, much parroting of the talking points, stereotyping, and sloganeering. and not a bit of evidence of critical thinking. i knew i could count on you!