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Posted By: Bob Bolton
29-Jan-05 - 01:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wilfried Schaum incommunicado
Subject: RE: BS: Wilfried Schaum incommunicado
G'day Wolfgang, Wilfried & JennyO,

The English language mnemonic I remember is that: Stalacmites might get to the roof ... and, if stalactites hang on tight they won't crash to the floor.

BTW: I would have thought (if I encountered the phrase) that Wolfgang's Eselsbrücke should be the same as the Pons Asinorum ... but that is now any (student's) difficult proposition - originally the Fifth Proposition of Euclid, in book 1 of his Geometry.

Of course, pedants (like that glorious old rogue E. Cobham Brewster ... of the entertaining - if not too reliable - Dictionary of Phrase and Fable) maintain that it is no pons at all ... and should really be the pedica asinorum: donkey's stumbling-block!