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Posted By: GUEST,guest from NW
29-Jan-05 - 12:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
you bushbuddies are a frustrating lot. give you a thread, plead with you to fill it up with the good news about iraq that's been hiding and what happens? nothing! dougR, the original guy that seductively mentioned this secret news, can't even be bothered with an appearence to remind us that "progress" is being made and people are "working hard" and it's certainly "hard work" to make all this "progress". i guess my request for the links and sources put him off. larryK at least shows up but only reports that an election is going to occur, an extremely common news story, and then spouts some uncorroborated history. no sources, no links.damn.

what does it take? pretty please, o wise and knowledgable bushbuddies, isn't there ANY good news in iraq that has a link or a source? i'm just about willing to accept fox news if you'd at least link us up to something that resembles a factual account. (oh, and forget that one about the woman who was raped and cited in wolfowitz' testimony. that's been shown untrue. and no jessica lynch. and i don't believe they found ANY of those pesky WMDs that were such an imminant threat. oh, i forgot, nobody ever used the word imminant, just some claptrap about being able to hit us in 45 minutes...)