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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Jan-05 - 11:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
Ah, well, we all tend to get carried away now and then in the heat of debate, don't we?

I thought the comparison of Iraq to Germany was ludicrous too. I mean, really ludicrous.

You know, a conquering force can arrange an election, strictly for show, any time it wants to in an occupied country. You just import some paid expatriate stooges, recruit some more local stooges, encourage the hopes of the general public and encourage various naive or hopeful lesser parties to run for office, and you hold your stupid election. Whoopee doo! It doesn't mean diddly until one thing happens...until the occupying forces of the invaders LEAVE! I'm telling you, the Germans could have held elections in occupied France, Belgium, Holland, or anywhere else they wanted to and found local French, Belgians, and Dutch to run in those elections....while savagely fighting the resistance in the shadows at the same time...and it wouldn't have meant diddly...because the German Army would have been right there controlling the whole show both before and after the election.

The Germans didn't bother to do it, because their popular culture didn't need the charade of such an exercise to justify what they were doing abroad to the Germans at home. That's the only real difference.

American culture desperately needs the fig leaf of a supposedly "democratic election" in Iraq to cover its naked aggression with, and to convince Joe Sixpack back home that the USA really went to Iraq to free the Iraqi people! Nothing could be farther from the truth than that proposition.