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Posted By: Ron Davies
28-Jan-05 - 11:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
Larry K--

Before you favor us with any more of your facile and specious historical comparisons (e.g. Germany and Iraq), you might actually want to read some history. Believe it or not, Fox News is not the last word on historical analysis.

Of course, I know this might be an unreasonable request for a Bushite. After all, your mighty leader never checks facts--seems actually to have a disdain for them--so why should you be any different? If a book is too daunting a prospect, I refer you to the Wall St. Journal (that leftist rag) of 24 January 2005. Mark Helprin, a conservative columnist, advisor in Dole's 1996 campaign, in a column, deals exactly with the comparison of Germany 1945 and Iraq now, and comes to a conclusion diametrically opposed to yours--i.e. that there is virtually no parallel.

What West Germany did in 1955 has absolutely no bearing on the current Iraq situation. Even after 10 years of US occupation in Iraq (assuming the Iraqis would tolerate that---not a good bet)--Iraq would still not be in a comparable position to West Germany in 1955.

As Little Hawk has pointed out, Germany had elections before 1945. The election of 1932 certainly was not a sterling example of democracy. Before that, however, there were also elections--ever heard of the Weimar Republic?   Furthermore, Germany had and has a large class of highly educated people--indeed in the 19th century German culture was considered at the very top. German science, philosophy, music (perhaps you've heard of Beethoven and Brahms?) were all highly respected. Literacy then (and now) was probably higher than in the US. That is what made Hitler so unthinkable to so many educated people all over the world--they couldn't believe such a thing could happen in Germany. Many saw him as a buffoon until it was far too late.

After World War II the Western occupying powers, while not agreeing among themselves on every point, agreed West Germany was to be enlisted in the struggle against an expansionist Russia. They also agreed Germany should virtually start its history over--the official term was "Das Jahr Null" (Year Zero). Democratic principles and Western popular (read US) culture were introduced into very fertile soil for both.

In Germany in 1945, the cities were to a large extent destroyed, the Germans were disarmed, and there were no groups of sympathizers outside the country ready to help Nazi Germany rise again. None of that is true in Iraq, though Bush's wonderful diplomatic skills have resulted in devastation of some cities.

A little more care before posting nonsense would be appreciated.