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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Jan-05 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
I'm not an atheist NOW, Martin. :-) Just when I was a kid. I pray to God every day...I just don't pray to the pet God of some organized religion. I pray to the God that existed long before there WERE any organized religions...that God has no denomination.

And you are NOT the Chosen People. No one is. But, if you want to think you are, that's up to you. The Jews are most certainly not the first who have thought so! I think the Egyptians also thought so, and the Japanese, and the Chinese, and probably the Babylonians and Persians and the Romans and the Greeks and the Vikings and just about everybody else too. LOL! It was actually a VERY common presumption in the ancient World, probably THE original boastful assumption of all time.

EVERY primitive tribe imagines itself to be God's "special" people, his Chosen. You weren't the first, Martin. I can guaran-dam-tee it! But I sure hope that you are the last.

And, yes, of course the Christian God and the Jewish God are the same God...but I am suggesting that the picture the Old Testament paints regarding the nature of God is faulty.