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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Jan-05 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
Yes, Martin, the Nazis DID claim to follow Jesus, Hitler claimed to follow Jesus, but that is not Jesus' fault. :-) Everyone in European civilization has been claiming to follow Jesus no matter what horrific things they did, ever since the Roman Emperor Constantine. Everyone except the Communists and the Jews, that is. Perhaps that is why Hitler linked Communists and Jews as the principle "enemies" of mankind. If so, it is certainly the height of irony, wouldn't you say?

I love you too, Martin. You're okay with me. I'm not anti-semitic, I'm anti-Zionist. And I am against genocide, no matter who practices it. The Nazis practiced it. The Israelites practiced it, when they entered what they called "the promised land" and wiped out Jericho and all those other places, and beat out the brains of the children even. That's genocide. I don't approve of it. I do not suggest that all Jews today are guilty of it or that it is an intrinsically Jewish trait. It's not. I am simply saying that it happened. It's in your holy books. It happened.

What is the qualitative difference between asserting that your own nation is "God's Chosen" and asserting that your own nation is the "Master Race"? The Jews used the first term in their holy books, the Nazis used the second in their propaganda.

I don't see how you can feel comfortable with a God that is as vengeful, demanding, and punitive as Jehovah. I would not dream of worshipping or believing in such a God, and that is why I only went to Sunday school ONCE, and never went back. I became a confirmed atheist when I was a child and an adolescent, precisely because of the grotesque stuff I encountered in the Old Testament. I could not believe it or stomach it. It was sick and horrible.

I later came to find spiritual meaning in life that goes beyond organized religions or cultural boundaries, and it includes all people, with no Master Race set apart from the rest.

I don't have any problem with Jesus having been a Jew, or "looking like a Jew", whatever that means...? Fine with me. Bob Dylan is a Jew, and I love Bob Dylan, so why not Jesus?

You know, you have the choice to interpret my opinion as anti-semitism if you want to, but you may be mistaken about that. Is it possible to criticize wrongful behaviour by some Jews at some points in history and not be anti-semitic? I certainly hope so! Otherwise, we are living under some kind of Orwellian thought control, under which Jews are given a special status and are beyond criticism no matter WHAT they do. I suspect that the real business of the so-called anti-defamation league is...defamation. They are enforcing thought control and silence by means of fear. What better way to destroy the career of any public figure than to label him as an "anti-semite"? It's the same dirty tactic Joe McCarthy used when he labelled people as Communists or fellow-travelers...just because he wanted to destroy them. It's dishonest, it's self-serving, it's paranoid, and it's wrong.

I am not going to live in fear and silence because some particular bunch of people have decided that they, and only they, are beyond matter what.