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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Jan-05 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
Your comments regarding "Yeshua" (Jesus) are right on the mark, Rapaire. Good stuff. I agree, he repudiated the Old Testament (or much of it). The Old Testament is full of extremely negative stuff that I in no way identify with (with the exception of Genesis, the Psalms, and the Proverbs, which are fine with me).

I regard the Old Testament mostly as just the opinions of a primitive, brutal, ancient tribal people who were capable of virtually any atrocity in the name of their patriarchal horror of a "god", Jehovah...a god that no one with any sense of mercy would follow nowadays. (I will say, in their defence, however, that the Children of Isreal were probably not much different from most of the other primitive, brutal, ancient tribal people whom they massacred when they entered "the promised land"...brutality was the normal mode at the time, I figure.) I regard the very idea that one race of people are set apart as "God's chosen" to be detestable. It sounds like Naziism to me.