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Posted By: Piers
28-Jan-05 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
Oh Amos, I wish socialism had been tried. Show me social ownership, production for use and democratic control of the means of production please. I have comrade in Denmark, he's still fighting for socialism, perhaps no one told him he owned the means of production and he can take his part in controlling them.

My boss, is a very intelligent man, but he won't give me any more money, shops are run by intelligent people, but you can't have what they've got if you can't pay, intelligent landlords evict tenants and prosecute trespassers - they do what they do intelligently. You can put whatever spin on it you want about vectors and matrices, crude metaphors if ever there were, the empirical experience of living says that social processes and corporate are antagonistic, as are the corporate and the democratic. The very fact that you identify corporate processes as distinct from social processes proves the point. Are not the means of food, housing, entertainment, research etc. production on which we all labour in and depend upon corporate processes? It is time to shake off irrationalities of corpse worshipping, patriotism, racism and guff about the inflexibility of human nature.