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Posted By: Jim Tailor
28-Jan-05 - 06:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
"Civil rights are guaranteed by our constitution. I marched in support of civil rights because I support out constitution. As I said above.. "only human rights need to be protected. And they are not the property of any one religion." I was not trying to impose my religious beliefs on anyone. I was trying to uphold our constitution.


Every Pro-life Christian I know could say the same thing.

And if your "religion" does not inform your moral code, then is grace the sole component of your religion?

And to others,
No, the right does not focus on the Old Testament while the left focuses on the New. But I will grant you that the left seems to dismiss the Old to a far greater extent than does the Right (because few, if any on the left believe that the Old Testament contains objective truth, while those on the right believe that it does even if that truth needs contextual understanding).

And the Left and Right have pragmatic differences due to theological ones -- for instance, the Right teaches tolerance to a much greater degree than does the Left for the simple reason that the Left need not teach it -- their theology in "inclusive" -- it need not tolerate anything because it teaches that all religions are equally acceptable (in other words, what's to "tolerate"?).

The above are my educated, informed generalizations to which I understand there are finer points and possible exceptions.

That you can find intolerant Right wing Christians is not a surprise -- nor a surprise that you can find bigotted left-wing Christians, or obese Catholics, or cross-eyed Jews, or flatulent atheists. There is an individuality that makes each believer a non-representative of their group. There's a word for those who see the world otherwise...


Ask yourself if you believe what you do about Christians (right and otherwise) because you really know what they believe, or because it fits your presupositional world-view and thereby leaves you comfortable.

Have a good morning.