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Posted By: Boab
28-Jan-05 - 03:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
Jesus Christ was more than an"inspired teacher", Little Hawk, though indeed he was AT LEAST that. He seems to have had the not-too-uncommon power to guide and influence the minds of his fellow-humans [oh, yes---he was human!],but to an extraordinary extent. His "miracles [ feeding the five thousand, walking on the water] can only have been just that---being able to convince people that something unreal WAS real. One of the most telling quotes from Him is "Your faith has made you whole!". Something which has actually happened many thousands of times. Something made John the Baptist see Him for what He was---the personification of the true God.He was, and still is,God in one person, named by the baptist as Love. My mind was concentrated on this one episode by a personal experience, in the midst of human tragedy, many years ago. I accepted my God then, and have known Him/Her ever since. It's not a matter of "believing", any more than knowing there's a roof on my house is "believing". My God is undeniable. My God can be seen in the selfless efforts of those who toil in their thousands to help the suffering tsunami victims. My God was evident in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. My God can be recognised after every mine disaster, and in every Hospital. My God is Love, a God whose existence CANNOT be denied. So I have no "religion" as the world seems to understand it; only the acceptance of that simple statement "God is Love". I don't think anything else matters at all.