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Posted By: Joe Offer
28-Jan-05 - 02:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
Jerry started this thread out with an inspiring message, but there are a lot of things said here that make me feel very uneasy. I think it's unfair to condemn a group for having dirty laundry in its past - far better to look at what people are doing here and now, rather than pigeonholing them for what their forebears did, or for what some of their coreligionists do in another continent.

I'm a Catholic, and I generally believe what Catholics believe. I don't claim an exclusive corner on the truth, but what I believe works for me and for many others. In my area (Sacramento), we have an extraordinary network of social programs, mostly springing from Catholic organizations (and mostly independent of the Catholic Church bureaucracy). I've worked with Catholic groups in the peace and civil rights movements, and in all sorts of other programs that promote peace and justice. I think I have a right to take pride in that, and I have to say it hurts to be condemned over and over by "enlightened" bigots who lump me with the inquisitioners. Some Catholics do good stuff, and some don't. Nobody's perfect, and no group is perfect.

-Joe Offer-