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Posted By: Little Hawk
27-Jan-05 - 04:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
The fact is, religious people are equally capable of being to the Left or the Right. And so are non-religious people. But the Right attracts one variety of religious people, in general, and the Left attracts another. It's a different psychological framework.

I would say that the Old Testament, in general, espouses a pretty Rightwing kind of attitude, while the New Testament tends in the other direction. To put it another way, religious fundamentalists and literal thinkers tend to the Right, religious liberals and metaphorical thinkers tend to the Left.

The first focuses primarily on the themes of authority, judgement, power, sin, and punishment. The second focuses on themes of unity, not judging others, forgiveness, redemption, and love.

It can also be seen fairly easily that the first (the Right) is based on the archetype of the strong Father, while the second (the Left) is based on the archetype of the protective Mother.

And that's why the Right is so enamoured of male figures like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenneger, or any other big tough guy with a gun in one hand and a flag in the other....they believe that "Father Knows Best". I don't. My father did not inspire that sort of confidence in me in the least...

Society, however, is healthiest when it achieves a harmonious balance of the 2 archetypes, bringing forth the best in each. That is a notion lost on the competitive party $ySStem ruling at present...which would rather exacerbate divisions than heal them.