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Posted By: GUEST,guest from NW
27-Jan-05 - 12:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
cmon you guys, you're just going over all that negativity again! dougR assured me that there was a lot of good stuff going on! here's what he said...

"Oh Mighty and knowing friend from the great northwest: Have you heard nothing of the relief efforts, and the
improvements to the infrastructure that our troops have provided in Iraq? Probably not. Ti has only limited
reporting. The good news is hard to come by, and, when it is rarely reported, one has to be acceptable to the
reportage. IMO, you wouldn't accept anything other than a "discouraging word" about anything your country did if it jumped up and bit you in your ass."

see?! relief efforts, infrastructure improvement! surely there are some links to this good news! i'm starting to get a little worried tho. the bushbuddies don't seem to be too thrilled with this opportunity to fill up a thread with all the good stuff that would certainly shut down the whiners around here. could it be that they don't have any sources for this good news? or maybe too lazy to track them down? would rather just believe a talking head on fox that says everything is JUST FINE?

surely not. c'mon guys, let 'er rip!! it's GOOD NEWS TIME!!