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Posted By: GUEST
26-Jan-05 - 11:35 PM
Thread Name: Tech: ABC to sheetmusic/midi
Subject: RE: Tech: ABC to sheetmusic/midi
Bev and Jerry, copy the ABC text - commencing with the X: line and paste it into Notepad, or similar. Save the file as TEXT and name your file with an ABC extension, eg Girl With Purple

Just make sure that the X: line is the very first line and that there are NO blank lines in your text file. The ABC convention is that a blank line denotes the end of a file.

In the downloadable version of the DT you can easily save an ABC version of the song as an ABC file. Why not just import a MIDI into NWC you ask? 'Cos with the ABC version you'll get aligned lyrics - for the first verse and/or chorus anyway. You then have a large number of choices about how to manipulate the tune, be it ABC programs or NWC.

Here's an example of a random song from the DT:

T:Broom O'er the Cowdenknowes
D6 E2 |D6 D2 |D C3 B, A,3 |G,6 D2 |
w: Oh, the broom, the bon-ny bon-ny broom, The
G6 G A |(B2 A2) (G2 F2) |(E8 |F8) |
w: broom o'er the Cow-_ den-_ knowes!_
G4 G A3 |B4 B2 A2 |G6 C2 |D8 |C4 C2 C2 |
w: Fain would I be in the North Coun-try, Herd-ing her
D4 (C B,3) |A,8 |
w: fath-ers_ ewes.

Regards, John