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Posted By: Little Hawk
26-Jan-05 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
The colour of a person's skin is not relevant in any way to whether or not one should point it out when that person has lied on the public record. If you think it is, Doug, then you are the one who is encouraging racism, not Senator Byrd.

When people are deemed to be above criticism (regardless of their own actual behaviour) due merely to their membership in a race or a group of people that has suffered notable discrimination in the past...such as a Negro, a Native American, a woman, or a Jew, for example...then what is actually occurring is an Orwellian form of thought control which is tantamount TO racism, bigotry, and prejudice of the worst sort.

And that appears to be what you are recommending Doug. You want Condoleeza Rice to be excused for what a white person would (I hope!) not be excused for, merely because she is black! That is asinine and totally wrong, and it does not enhance your credibility one bit to put forward such a viewpoint.

It is ironical that a Republican Party which has virtually NO support among American blacks found 2 key blacks to put high in its administration. My, my, WHAT a coincidence! Can anyone say "token"? Well, one can always find a token person of the right political category AND color/etc to betray their own, if one looks hard enough, Doug. Yes indeed. Hitler found his Quislings, don't forget. He found them everywhere that he took over. He even found Jews who willingly helped exterminate other Jews. It proves nothing but this...people of any race, culture, or other distinguishing outer characteristic are capable of the worst acts.

No one is sacrosanct on the basis of colour or anything else like that. If they were, my, wouldn't it be a simple little World! You could just line up all the "bad" people and exterminate them, on the basis of their obvious outer distinguishing features. Hmmmm...where have I heard of that before? At Nuremberg? Or at Dachau?

Your defence of Condoleeza Rice on the basis that she is black, of all things, is really astounding to me. Sounds like O.J. Simpson all over again. A liar is still a liar, regardless of the color of her skin.