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Posted By: Bassic
26-Jan-05 - 11:23 AM
Thread Name: What's up with Mudcat this time!!???
Subject: RE: What's up with Mudcat this time!!???
I see no evidence of other sites that I access slowing down or becoming unavailable at the same time as we seem to be having the regular occurance here on that would suggest that it it an MC specific problem rather than the web as a whole slowing down to a crawl. The "evidence" that I presume Giok bases his speculation on, is the regularity of the time........the lack of pre notice or warning of a "planned" outage as I would expect from a maintenance activity, (Max did warn us a couple of weeks ago of such an event), and the fact that we have all been warned of the Funweb problem and how to fix it.The logocal hypothesis is that, if it is due to a funweb problem, then either it is comming from a regular user who has NOT disinfected their machine for some reason, or as Giok suggests, it is being done deliberately for some reason. If it was a random infection caused by an occasional visitor looking for song lyrics, then the regularity of the time that this happens would seem to argue against that. People do do malicious things on the WWW....thats what viruses are all about. That doesnt mean to say there may not be other reasons for it, but speculation is a fairly harmless activity in this case I would think?