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18-Jan-05 - 09:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Irony of Tsunami Relief
Subject: RE: BS: Irony of Tsunami Relief
Rwanda's lack of aid etc is IMHO due to lack of education. To many people Africa is either one country or two countries, i.e. South Africa and the rest. They hear about diamonds, copper, gold, oil and all sorts of natural wealth and can't understand why people are poor. What so few know is that in the few countries with this wealth, it is quite normal for the money received is largely diverted into private Swiss bank accounts, leaving the poor to starve. Unfortunately the same thing happens to a lot of the aid, and once again the poor get poorer. I don't know what the answer is, other than actually putting charity workers on the ground to see that the aid is properly used, but many countries won't allow this. They say, like in Aceh at the moment, that it isn't safe for the aid workers, but usually it's because they want to control who gets the aid, and who doesn't. It makes me sad, and it's worse when there's nothing I can do.