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McCaskey, J. F., 1881 (1898), "The Franklin Square Song Collection, Devoted to School and Home Enjoyment," Harper & Brothers, New York and London. "Two Hundred Favorite Songs and Hymns for Schools and Homes, Nursery and Fireside. No. 1". 184 pp.
Contents of Song Collection: No. 1.

Abide with Me   Wm. H. Monk
Alas! and Did My Saviour Bleed   Isaac Watts
All the Saints Adore Thee   J. B. Dykes
All Together   Geo. F. Root
Alpine Horn, The   E. J. Loder
Angelic Songs Are Swelling   F. W. Faber
Annie Laurie   Lady John Scott
As a Little Child   C. M. Von Weber
As Pants the Wearied Heart   F. Mendelssohn
Auld Lang Syne   Robert Burns
Away! Away! (Massaniello)   D. F. E. Auber
Away! Away! Away! C. M. Von Weber
A Wild Rose in the Forest   C. Eckert
Baby Bye, Here's a Fly   Theodore Tilton
Behold the Sabre of My Father   J. Offenbach
Beside the Mill   F. GluckBird Song, The   Wm. Allingham
Bird Let Loose, The   Thomas Moore
Blossom Time   Mary E. Dodge
Blue Bird, The   C. De Beriot
Blue Bells of Scotland   Mrs. Jordan
Boat Song, The   C. M. Von Weber
Bonnie Doon   Robert Burns
Bonnie Charlie   Lady Nairne
By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill   Reginald Heber
Calm on the Listening Ear of Night   J. B. Dykes
Cherries Ripe   Nursery
Chide Mildly the Erring.   W. B. Bradbury
Child's Hymn   Old Melody
Christ Was Born on Christmas Day   J. M. Neale
Christmas Time Is Come Again   Carol
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean   D. T. Shaw
Come, All Ye Faithful   Christmas
Come, Come, Come, O'er the Hills   German
Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove   Isaac Watts
Come to the Old Oak Tree   English
Come with the Gypsy Bride   M. W. Balfe
Come, Ye Disconsolate   S. Webbe
Comin' Thro the Rye   Scotch
Cradle Hymn: Hush, My Babe   Isaac Watts
Cradle Song: Sleep, Beloved, Sleep   W. Taubert
Cuckoo, Welcome Thy Song   German
Days of Summer Glory   C. M. Von Weber
Deadly Cup, The   Temperance
Dearest Spot, The   W. T. Wrighton
Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly   Welsh Air
Evening Hymn   "Ave Sanctissima"
Even Me   E. O. Lyte
Fair as the Morning   Geo. F. Root
Faithful Little Bird, The   D. M. Craik
Far Away   M. Lindsay
Farewell, O Joyous Sunny Grove   H. Esser
Farewell to Lochaber   Chas. Mackay
Farewell to the Woods   German
Father, Whate'er of Earthly Bliss   Anne Steele
First Christmas Gifts   John Selwyn
Flag of the Free   Richard Wagner
Follow Me, Full of Glee   Movement Song
Forever and Forever   C. C. Converse
Freedom's Flag   C. C. Converse
Full Far Away a City Stands   F. Sewall
Gaily the Troubadour   T. H. Bayly
Geography Song   M. B. C. Slade
gentle Words and Kindly Deeds   Geo. Cooper
Glad Christmas Bells   Carol
God Bless Our Native Land   T. Dwight
Go, Forget Me   Charles Wolfe
Golden Rule, The   Charles Wolfe
Good-Bye, Good-Bye to Summer   Wm. Allingham
Good Cheer   "Cracovienne"
Good Night   Franz Abt
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah   F. Herold
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah   Von Flotow
Hail Columbia   F. Hopkinson
Hail, Thou Most Sacred One   Felicia Hemans
Happy Land   Swiss Melody
Hark! Hark! My Soul   F. W. Faber
Heirs of Unending Life   H. Bedddome
He Giveth His Beloved, Sleep   E. B. Browning
Ho, Ho, Vacation Days Are Here   J. C. Johnson
Holy, Holy, Holy (Nicaea)   R. Heber
Home, Home, Can I Forget Thee?   German
Home of the Soul   Phillip Phillips
Home, Sweet Home   Sicilian Air
How Can I Leave Thee   Volkslied
How Gentle God's Commands   H. G. Nageli
How Happy Is the Child who Hears   M. Bruce
Hunting Song   C. M. Von Weber
Hush, My Babe   Isaac Watts

Hymn Tunes- Seymour 7, Manoah 13, Kingsley 16,
Greenville 22, Bethany 23, Dennis 23,
Adeste Fidelis 27, America 30, Naomi 35,
St. Hilda 47, Eventide 60, Frederick 16,Dawning 61,
Placida 63,Evan 73, Nicaea 92, Hurseley 93,
St. Agnes 115, 133, Ave Sanctissima 121,
Innocents 129, Portuguese Hymn 130, Old
Hundred 131, Martyn 133, St. Phillip 137,
Berlin 161, Dundee 161.

I Had a Bird, a Little Bird   D. M. Craik
I had Four Brothers Over the Sea   Little Folks.
I Love the Song of Birds   Chas. Mackay
I'm a Shepherd of the Valley F. G. Klauer
In Flakes of a Feathery White   Old Air
In the Wild Chamois Track   E. J. Loder
In the West the Sun Declining   Franz Abt
It's Fair to See the Morning Breeze   Hew Ainslee
I've Been Thinking of Home   J. E. Gould
I Will Sing You a Song   E. H. Gates
I Would Not Live Alway   W. A. Muhlenburg
Janet's Choice   Mrs. C. Barnard
Jerusalem, My Happy Home   Latin Hymn
Jerusalem, the Golden   Alexander Ewing
Jesus, Lover of My Soul   Chas. Wesley
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee   G. Rossini
John Anderson, My Jo   Robert Burns
Jolly Old St. Nicholas Christmas
Joys That We've Tasted   Geo. W. Patton
Katy's Letter   Lady Dufferin
Kind Words Can Never Die   Abby Hutchinson
King of Love, The   J. B. Dykes
Land Ahead! Its Fruits are Waving   J. M. Evans
Land of Memory, The   "Auld Lang Syne"
Land o' the Leal   Lady Nairn
Last Rose of Summer   Thomas Moore
Lead, Kindly Light   J. H. Newman
Let Erin Remember the Days of Old   T. Moore
Life Let Us Cherish   H. G. Nageli
Lightly Row   Spanish Melody
Little Birdie in the Tree   P. P. Bliss
Little Brother, Darling Boy   Nursery
Little Drops of Water   Nursery
Longing for Spring   German
Long, Long Ago   T. H. Bayly
(Long Time Ago- see Near the Lake)
Lord, in this Thy Mercy's Day   W. H. Monk
Love thy Mother, Little One   Russian Air
Love, Hope, Happiness   E. Ransford
Lovely Rose   Venetian Melody
Marseilles Hymn   Rouget de Lisle
Maxwelton's braes Are Bonnie   Lady John Scott
May Is Here, the World Rejoices   Polish Air
Melodies of Many Lands   C. W. Glover
Meek and Lowly   Stephen Glover
Merrily Greet the Morn   Round
Mill May Anon.
Mill-Wheel, The   Kindergarten
Minstrel Boy, The   Thomas Moore
Month of the Apple Blossom   G. Donizetti
Morning Red   R. W. Raymond
Mother's Wish, The   G. A. Hodgson
Mower's Song, The   German Air
Mountain Maid's Invitation   H. Werner
Music on the Waves   Chas. W. Glover
My Country, 'Tis of Thee   S. F. Smith
My Heart's in the Highlands   Robert Burns
My Mother Loves Me Not   Folksong
National Hymn   S. F. Smith
Nearer, My God, to Thee Sarah F. Adams
Near the Lake   Geo. P. Morris
O Come, Come Away W. E. Hickson
O Come, All Ye Faithful   Latin Hymn
Oft in the Stilly Night   John Stevenson
Oh, Gladly Now We Hail Thee   V. Bellini
Oh, How Cold the Winter Weather   German
Oh, the Sports of Childhood   O. R. Barrows
Oh, Columbia the Gem of the Ocean   D. T. Shaw
Oh, Tell Me What It Meaneth F. Silcher
O Jesus, Thou Art Standing W. W. How
Old Oaken Bucket, The   Sam'l Woodworth
Old Cottage Clock, The   J. L. Malloy
Old Familiar Place, The   C. W. Glover
Old Hundred, with Doxology   W. Franc
On We Are Floating   C. M. Von Weber
Once I Saw a Sweetbrier Rose   H. Werner
Our Country's Flag, O Emblem Dear   J. J. Hood
Our Father in Heaven   S. J. Hale
Our Fatherland   Franz Abt
Our Flag Is There   Anon.
Origin of Yankee Doodle   Geo. P. Morris
Over the Water to Charlie   Scotch
Perri, Merri Dictum, Domine   Nursery
Polish Maiden Song   Goria
Polish May Song   Polish Air
Prayer from Freischutz   C. M. Von Weber
Remember Thy Creator Now   W. H. Havergal
Robin Adair   Caroline Keppel
Robin Redbreast   Wm. Allingham
Robinson Crusoe   "Rogue's March"
Rose of Allandale   S. Nelson, Charles Jeffreys
Row Your Boat (Round)   E. O. Lyte
Sabre Song, The   J. Offenbach
Safe Within the Veil   J. M. Evans
Saw Ye Never in the Twilight   C. F. Alexander
Scenes that Are Brightest   W. V. Wallace
Should Auld Acquaintance   Robert Burns
Silently Falling Snow Wm. O. Bourne
Silent Night! Holy Night!   Michael Haydn
Sing Always   Wm. F. Sherwin
Sing, Gaily Sing   G. P. Weimar
Singing in the Rain   E. A. Allen
Sing, Thou Merry Bird   Little Folks
Sleep, Beloved, Sleep   W. Taubert
Snow Bird, The   F. C. Woodworth
Softly Now the Light of Day   G. W. Doane
Softly Now the Light of Day   G. Donizetti
Soft, Soft Music is Stealing   German
Softly Blow the Vernal Breezes   German
Songs Revealing Sacred Feeling   C. M. Von Weber
Songs of Men, Behold from Far   Chas. Wesley
Sparkling and Bright   Chas. Fenno Hoffman
Speed Away   I. B. Woodbury
Spider and the Fly, The   O. H. Normino
Star-Spangled Banner   Francis S. Key
Still, Still, with Thee   H. B. Stowe
Strong Lads of Labor   J. Beuler
Sweet Bird, Thine Early Note   C. de Beriot
Sweet Hour of Prayer   Wm. B. Bradbury
Sweet Saviour, Bless Us ere We Go   F. W. Faber
Swinging 'neath the Old Apple Tree   Barrows
The Bell Doth Toll   Round
The Dearest Spot W. T. Wrighton
The Fairy Boy   Samuel Lover
The Farmer Kindergarten
The Harp that Once thro' Tara's Halls   T. Moore
The Heart Bowed Down   M. W. Balfe
The Hobby Horse   Nursery
The Ingleside   Hew Ainslee
The Long Years   Thos. Moore
The Lord's Prayer   S. J. Hale
The Loreley   F. Silcher
The Melodies of Many Lands   C. W. Glover
The Minstrel Boy   Thomas Moore
The Mother's Wish   G. A. Hodgson
The Mourner   Volkslied
The Old Familiar Place   C. W. Glover
The Sun Is Rising o'er the Ocean   J. Offenbach
The Teetotalers Are Coming   J. Hutchinson
There Is a Happy Land   Andrew Young 'Hindoo Melody'
There's a Wedding in the Orchard   M. E. Dodge
There's Music in the Air   Geo. F. Root
They Say I May Marry the Laird   Claribel
Thoughts of Home (chant)   J. E. Gould
Those Evening Bells   Thomas Moore
Those Endearing Young Charms   W. Davenant
Twilight Is Falling   B. C. Unseld
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star   Jane Taylor
Try, Try Again   Kindergarten
Upidee: "Excelsior"   College Song
Up the Hills on a Bright Sunny Morn   G. Rossini
Verdant Grove, Farewell to Thee   German
Visions of Morning, The   O. W. Holmes
Wake, Wake the Morning   Anon.
Wander Staff, The   Volkslied
Watch on the Rhine, The   Carl Wilhelm
Weep for the Fallen   Portuguese Hymn
We Have Been Friends Together   C. E. Norton
We Lay Us Down in Sleep   R. Schumann
We May Love the Wide World   C. W. Glover
Welcome to Morning   M. B. C. Slade
What Can the Matter Be?   Old Song
What Fairy-like Music   Jos. de Pinna
What I Love and Hate, John Brown   C. Mackay
What Will You Do, Love?   Samuel Lover
When I Was a Lad   "Rogue's March"
When Shall We Meet Again?   Lowell Mason
When the Day with Rosy Light   Stockhausen
When the Swallows Homeward Fly   Franz Abt
Where Is Now the Merry Party?   M. Lindsay
Where the Elm Tree Branches   E. A. Allen
Will You Come to My Parlor? O. H. Norman
With Glowing Heart I'd Praise Thee   Francis S. Key
Work and Play   French Air
Work, for the Night Is Coming   Sidney Dyer
Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon   Robert Burns
Ye Sons of France, Awake!   Rouget de Lisle
Your Mission   Ellen H. Gates

ELEMENTS OF MUSIC pp. 177-184.