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Posted By: CarolC
15-Jan-05 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Irony of Tsunami Relief
Subject: RE: BS: Irony of Tsunami Reliev
So far, however, I have not heard anything indicating that ANY of the pan Arabic/Muslim countries have given or even offered any aid to these people

It's so easy to make negative assumptions about people based on what you have not heard. It takes a little more effort to find out the truth, as GUEST,15 Jan 05 - 04:31 AM has done, so that you don't find yourself guilty of spreading hateful rumors and innuendo based on what you don't know. (Although I notice the author of the article in that link just couln't resist ending it with a nasty little sideswipe at "the Arab world".)

So far, I have not heard anything indicating that NH Dave is not pedophile.

(See how that works, Dave?)