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Posted By: Amos
13-Jan-05 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Insanity: Amos or Martin Gibson?....
Subject: RE: BS: Insanity: Amos or Martin Gibson?....
Go pull chains somehwere else, Martin. All I have for you is a sorry sigh, and a teaspoon of tepid spittle. You are worth no more while you maintain this antisocial veneer, which you so pathologically enjoy.

Some day, wake up.

Some day, notice that the people you reach out to here are mostly decent and mostly deserving of better than you give them, and in no way needing or deserving to be harassed for your criminal amusement. Why does it benefit you to laugh at other people? Where's the strength in violating others' trust and openness, in making the world a little nastier than it would be otherwise?

Seems sick to me, is what.