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Posted By: dianavan
13-Jan-05 - 02:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Insanity: Amos or Martin Gibson?....
Subject: RE: BS: Insanity: Amos or Martin Gibson?....
I think Amos has a lot of friends so if he is crazy at least he is in good company. If he's rich we can call him eccentric, if he's poor we can call him crazy. He would never be mistaken for insane.

Martin claims he is, "... quite outspoken in real life..." but it is hard to believe anyone would want to be associated with such negativity, especially women (of any age). I hesitate to say more because I don't want to seem like I'm bullying him as I think he has had his fair share of rejection in his life. He is so needy that he relishes any attention he gets whether it is negative or positive. He he has stated this himself.

He was probably bullied and/or abused as a child. His behaviour is learned behaviour. He wasn't born that way. Pity him and if he bothers you, ignore him. He hates being ignored. Just be happy that he is confined to the net and not living next door.