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Posted By: Little Hawk
11-Jan-05 - 09:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
It is typical of extreme fascist regimes (whether they be capitalist fascists or socialist fascists) to invent terrifying, shadowy, and largely fictional enemies with which to terrorize their own public into supporting an extremist government which then employs extremist policies and worldwide aggression to further its ends.

That is precisely what the Bush administration has done. They have inflated (and quite possible invented) this Al Queda monster in the public's imagination, when in fact they themselves are the real monster. Terrorism is not a centralized force, it is a collection of scattered, disconnected people in many places, people embittered by the world-affecting policies of an aggressive superpower.

Bin Laden is probably connected intimately with the very neo-Conservative forces which wanted and needed a crisis of some kind in order to launch foreign wars. They got their Reichstage fire when 911 happened. They may have themselves been complicit in organizing it...or letting it happen...because for them it was a dream come true.

They need Bin Laden. He needs them. If they had not had Bin Laden, they would have invented him.

The war is about oil, it's about establishing a gradually extending police state in the USA (and elsewhere if possible), it's about strategic positioning to dominate and control the Middle East and the World, it's about creating an endless conflict that will continue in a variety of locations.

It is not about destroying Al Queda. If Al Queda ceased to exist altogether, the people running American policy would just invent another Al Queda, because it is through fear that they maintain and enlarge their power.

Hitler needed scapegoats. He picked Communists, Jews, and Gypsies...people whom he knew were unpopular already. Easy targets.

Bush's administration needed the same. They picked Islamic fundamentalists. They had to pick someone. The Cold War was over,so there were no more Communists to fight (except Castro and the Chinese). Castro doesn't matter that much. The Chinese are too big and offer too much business to America. A new enemy had to be found.

The new enemy is the Arabs, the Palestinians, the Muslims in general. This is a very dirty game, it's a phony game, it's a lie and a fraud. And it is open aggression by a superpower. Just like Hitler in 1939. No different, in my opinion. Same old routine, new set of faces, that's all.

The "Jew" of today is the Muslim. The Wehrmacht of today is the US Marines, and Tony Blair is their Mussolini, tagging along for the spoils.