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Posted By: Mick Lowe
17-Nov-99 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: new CD by Roy Harris--gotta hear this !
Subject: RE: new CD by Roy Harris--gotta hear this !
I live about 35 miles away from Nottingham, which I believe is Roy's natural home base and can I get any of his recordings locally.. I've more chance of getting rocking horse manure..
I'm still listening to (I confess a friend recorded it from someone else's cd) whatever the cd was of him singing "Balaclava", "McCafferty" etc.. I play it in the car all the time
Funnily enough I had a request on my site a few weeks back from a guy called Roger Grimes who actually recorded a couple of albums with Roy, under the guise of " Notts Alliance".. he stiil hasn't sent me the lyrics for " Scarlet and the Blue" and they're not here on the cat either..doh!!!
More's to the point he was looking for the lyrics to a version of "The Butcher's Boy" which he used to do years ago and I pointed him in the cat's direction, but apparently no one could find it in their hearts to help him out
I'm not sure if Roy knows it, but if we could get the two of them in contact again I think that would be our good deed for the month.