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Posted By: akenaton
09-Jan-05 - 03:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Insanity: Amos or Martin Gibson?....
Subject: RE: BS: Insanity: Amos or Martin Gibson?....
Bill, Like your sense of humour.

Regarding hypocrisy ,you need look no further than the representatives of the left for proof.

New Labour in UK and the Democrats in America. Do you really think either of them represent left wing values?

In my personal life Im surrounded by people who profess to be left wing, but behave in right wing way when it benefits them.
I suppose caring for others doesn't come naturally to our species, so maybe im being a bit harsh.

In this forum, there are too many so called lefties who continue to support the Capitalist parties to be trully left.
Before the last election, there were only two people on this forum speaking against the two party system   Bobert and GUEST, both were ridiculed by the "democrats".
The people who ridiculed Bobert and GUEST were certainly not unintelligent....draw your own conclusions....Ake