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Posted By: Once Famous
08-Jan-05 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Insanity: Amos or Martin Gibson?....
Subject: RE: BS: Insanity: Amos or Martin Gibson?....
Skinner, you are a fucking quack. I have never claimed to be an attorney. I do know a few good ones though. You might need one for impersonating a doctor. You however, do not need one for impersonating a douche bag.

Bill D, big difference is that I just don't take much of it all that seriosuly as our analyzed compulsive friend Amos does. Calling someone a cockbreath when I seriously do mean it can not qualify me as insane.

Someone posting for YEARS a one sided political agenda with such hate or should I say disdain for an American President on a folk music Internet forum beckons to be honored with the compulsive liberal whining award of the year. It's really not a service to anyone except to Amos' own ego.

What if Kerry had won? What would have this meant for Amos? It's very sad in a way, but it gives personalities like Amos a daily will to get through another day, feeling that he has this purpose for his <5 or 6 followers.

I merely shake by head and mutter "loser" under my breath.