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Posted By: Rapparee
07-Jan-05 - 01:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: RE: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
From a physical engineer at Argonne Labs, Chicago (PhD):

With all of the web-video images that Fermi has, at least we can see the end of the world on the web.

At the easiest level, the report is wrong factually. FermiLab has
NOT been increasing the beam energy in the Tevatron accelerator, it
has been increasing the beam current only. So the Tevatron can still
only achieve 4 Teravolts energy (4,000 billion volts). I do not know
where Dugan found the claim of 33 Tev. It also only runs at about 1 Tev.So Dugan's assertion is a "Nevermind"

As to his claim that at 33 Tev the accelerator will create a supernova, I was trying to find out where he discovered that. But I was not able to reach his web site.

This is actually the third claim that the world will end because of
high energy physics. During the atomic bomb development, one theoretical calculation found that the bomb detonation would ignite the earths atmosphere. Fortunately, it was wrong (although you have to admire the arrogance of science where it was, well we should at least try it).

When the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) accelerator at Brookhaven as starting in 1998, someone calculated that colliding gold atoms at 25 Gev would ignite a plasma that would engulf the earth. Again, fortunately we did not see that either.

I am not an expert, but the issue is not simply the energy of a single
particle, such as a proton or a gold atom, because that is multiplied by 10exp(-19) due to the coulomb charge of the particle. You need to have a large number of particles to have a cosmic effect.

From the head of NASA's Magnetospheric Research Dept. at Goddard, a PhD in Plasma Physics:

Hope you enjoy the snow, it is much more real than what is talked about for Fermilab.

That should put the quietus to that!