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Posted By: Azizi
06-Jan-05 - 11:40 PM
Thread Name: Children's Street Songs
Subject: RE: Children's Street Songs
Now that's dirty, old man..

At least I think you're a man...and maybe you're old in age
and sometimes you come across old in wisdom in a wise crackin way...
I guess you want people to 'guess' about you..

That's cool..I think I'm going to look up what a "gargoyle" is and what a "gargoyle" does..

And back to the thread's subject:
My step daughter told me that when she was 8 or 9 in the mid 1970s in Indianapolis, Indiana, she and other girls would link arms and walk down the sidewalk chanting the exact same lines that Gargoyle gave:

             Hey! Hey!
             Get out of the way.
             I just got back
             to the USA!

She said they would make people move out of the way. It was a way of having fun and [maybe]asserting their power...

In 1998 I collected a chant called "Beware" from girls 7-9 year old in Pittsburgh PA. Another daughter of mine also remembers this chant from the early to mid 1980s in Pittsburgh. It's possible that boys may also chant this rhyme, and maybe perform it. In 2001, my oldest grandson, then 8 years old, overheard me ask his mother {my daughter-in-law] what rhymes she knew. When she started chanting "Beware",
he joined right in, saying the exact same words. But he didn't admit to using it with his friengs to block people from walking down the sidewalk.

And the words to "Beware" are:

Ready. Set. And go.
We comin through.

No one can stop us.
Not even you

We have the power
to overall. *
So beware!

* 'Overall' may mean 'overrule'. Or it may mean 'to roll over all {everyone}'.

Is this chant familiar to anyone?