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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
06-Jan-05 - 01:21 PM
Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: Songs of the Ages
Another 'School Song Book' which I remember from my schooldays. I have recently bought a copy from my local Oxfam shop. The songs are all set to at least a melody, in some cases four-part harmony is used. The contents pages reproduced here, provide the composer, or rough date of composition. The book has been arranged in (very) approximate age order.

Full details:

Words and airs
By R Dunstan Mus.Doc., Cantab and C.E.Bygott
Revised in 1962 by F Westcott D.Mus., Oxon
Publisher Schofield & Sims Ltd. Huddersfield

Section One. Mediaeval Music

Agnus Dei (Plainsong)                         Sarum, X Century
Veni Creator Spiritus                                 (Plainsong) Sarum
Alma Redemptoris Mater                         (Plainsong) Hermannus Contractus, XI Century
A solis ortu                                         Columbanus(?), LX Century
Orientus partibus                                 French, XII Century
Quan vei l'aloete mover                         Bernard de Ventadour
Kalenda Maya                                 Raimbault de Vaqueiras
Ja nuns hons pris                                 Richard Couer-de-Lion
Qant li Rosignols s'Escrie                         Anonymous
Winder, wie ist nu dein kraft                         Neidhart von Reuental
Ich parere dich                                 Witzlav von Rugen
Alta Trinita Beata                                 Italian, XIII Century
Bearing high the sacred Cross                 XI century(?)
From distant lands outriding                         German, XIII Century
Sumer is icumen in                                 English, XIII Century
Deo Gratias Anglia                                 English, XV Century
Could but the Lovely Flowers Know                 German, XV Century
Why are all Pale the Roses seen?                 German, XV Century
L'Amour de Moi                                 French, XV Century
Afar from Thee I wander                         German, 1521

Section Two. Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean Music

Now Ponder Well                                 Traditional
The Three Knights                                 Traditional
Quoth John to Joan                                 Traditional
The Hunt is up                                 Traditional
Bonny Sweet Robin                                 Traditional
The Three Ravens                                 Traditional
Pastime with Good Company                 Henry VIII
Ah, the sighs                                         William Cornish
John Dory                                         Hawkin's History of Music
We be Soldiers Three                                 Deuteromelia
In going to my lonely Bed                         Richard Edwardes
Where Griping Grief                                 Richard Edwardes
Jog on, jog on                                         Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Under the Greenwood Tree                         Traditional
Greensleeves                                         William Ballet's Lute Book
The Carman's Whistle                         Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
O Mistress Mine                                 Chappell's "Popular Music"
The Willow Song                                 Thomas Dallas Lute Book
O sleep, Fond Fancy                                 Thomas Morley
Now, O now I needs must part                 John Dowland
Tomorrow the Fox will Come to Town         Deuteromelia
Cold's the Wind                                1622 (or earlier)
Love me little, love me long                         Time of James I

Section Three. XVII and Early XVIII Century Music

Amaryllis                                                                 Giulio Caccini
Sweet Echo                                                                 Henry Lawes
Bid me but live                                                         Henry Lawes
Gather your Rosebuds                                                 William Lawes
The Self-Banished                                                         John Blow
What shall I do to show how much I love her?                         Henry Purcell
Your Hay it is Mowed                                                 Henry Purcell
Lilli Burlero                                                                 Henry Purcell
Had I but Love                                                         Henry Purcell
Bois Epais                                                                 Lully
Chloris                                                                 Anonymous
As the Snow in Valleys Lying                                         John Weldon
In the Pleasant Month of May                                         John Barrett
The Pilgrim                                                                 John Barrett, "Beggar's Opera"
Cease your Funning                                                         Traditional, "Beggar's Opera"
Good-Morrow, Gossip Joan                                                 Traditional, "Beggar's Opera"
The Spring's a-Coming                                                 Traditional, "Beggar's Opera"
This great world is a trouble                                                 Richard Leveridge
Non e si vago e bello                                                         Handel
Alma del gran Pompeo                                                 Handel
Let me wander not unseen                                                 Handel
With thee th'unsheltered moor I'd tread                                 Handel
Veni Redemptor gentium                                                 Bach
Bist du bei mir                                                         Bach

Section Four. Late XVIII and Early XIX Century Music

When Icicles hang by the Wall                        Arne
Rule, Britainnia                                        Arne
When that I was and a little Tiny Boy                J Vernon
Allons danser                                                J.J.Rousseau
Gli sguardi trattienti                                        Gluck
Tom Bowling                                                Dibdin
I sail'd from the Downs                                Dibdin
Ere around the huge oak                                Shield
The Ploughboy                                        Shield
Allan Water                                                Hook
My mother bids me bind my hair                        Haydn
The Spirit's Song                                        Haydn
Das Veilchen                                                Mozart
Pedrillo's serenade                                        Mozart
Kennst du das Land?                                        Beethoven
Faithfu' Johnnie                                        Beethoven
Barbara Allan                                                Traditional
Ettrick Banks                                                Traditional
Farewell to Lochaber                                        Traditional
The Flow'rs of the Forest                                Traditional
The Rowan Tree                                        Traditional
The Birks of Aberfeldy                                Traditional
Ca' the Yowes                                                Traditional
The Winter it is Past                                        Traditional
The Spring is Come                                        Traditional
Suantraidhe                                                Traditional
The last Rose of Summer                                Traditional
SuÚ-g‚n                                                Traditional
The Black Monk                                        Traditional
War-Song of the men of Glamorgan                        Traditional
The Hall of Cyndylan                                        Traditional
Jenny Jones                                                John Parry
The Star-Spangled Banner (To Anacreon in Heaven)J.S.Smith

Section Five. XIX Century Music

Rio Grande                                                 Traditional
Stormalong                                                 Traditional
The Girls of Dublin Town                                 Traditional
Shenandoah; or Rolling River                         Traditional
A-Roving                                                 Traditional
Good-bye, fare you well                                 Traditional
What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor?                 Traditional
The Sailor Boy                                         Traditional
High Barbaree                                         Traditional
Lowlands Low (The Golden vanity)                         Traditional
Haiden-RŲslein                                         Schubert
Who is Sylvia?                                         Schubert
Der Alpenjšger                                         Schubert
Huntsman, rest! Thy chase is done                         Schubert
Absence                                                 Mendelssohn
O wert thou in the cauld blast                         Mendelssohn
The Lotus Flower                                         Schumann
O my Love's like the Red, red Rose                         Schumann
Sonntag                                                 arr. Brahms
Minnelied                                                 Brahms
Vergebliches Stšndchen                                 Brahms
Lenzlied                                                 Wagner
Am Jordan Sankt Johannes stand                         Wagner
Desdemona's Prayer                                         Verdi
The Three Fishers                                         Hullah
Where are the Joys I knew                                 Gounod
Sigh no more, Ladies                                         Sullivan
Two eyes of brown                                         Grieg
With the first Primrose                                 Grieg
Clad in robes of linen                                         DvorŠk
As of old my Mother                                         DvorŠk
The Birch Tree                                         Russian Folk Song
The Prince and the Princess                                 Russian Folk Song
Mother Volga                                                 Russian Folk Song
Massa' s in the cold, cold ground                         Stephen Foster
O Susanna                                                 Stephen Foster
Some folks do                                         Stephen Foster
I got a robe                                                 Negro Spiritual
Joshua fight the battle of Jericho                         Negro Spiritual
Swing low, sweet chariot                                 Negro Spiritual
When Johnny comes marching home                 Traditional (German?)
John Brown's Body                                         American Traditional