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Posted By: Bill D
05-Jan-05 - 11:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: RE: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
ah-HA! So they're hiding it all in plain sight! What a sneaky, devious way to disguise Doomsday weapons. They give tours, but don't explain that the little button labeled "V C" means "Vaporize China".

Lordy....what ARE we supposed to do if there ARE super-weapons disguised as radar test stations out there? Or Area 51s in Nevada?

If it is all benign, there's no problem....if it is a super-secret plot, I doubt that all the speculation in the world is gonna change anything. Write my congressman? Go to Alaska and picket a field of antenna while bemused Caribou walk by me? Start another website 'exposing' it all?...I think I'll wait till the glow in the sky starts buzzing over MY house.