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Posted By: Donuel
04-Jan-05 - 10:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: RE: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Happy new year all.
For those that think these unique energy weapons do not exist or if they do exist they are only a form of microwave energy are entitled to be uniformed and remain that way.

That being said I sincerely believe the earthquake is unrelated to scaler weapon use. There are plenty of man made earthquakes, if you live in Denver Colorado or Los Vegas Nevada you know what I mean.
Denver had quakes of 1-3 R routinely due to pumping sludge down a half mile deep man mad well for disposal and caused bedrock slippage.
Los Vegas can feel underground Nuke testing.

As for Wolfgang's request that I remain one dimensional and shut the **** up, I respectfully decline.

In this regieme climate change where government funded scientific thought and proposals are now to be screened and censored by party loyalists, I do go against the grain.

There are in fact energy systems that far exceed the destructive power of scaler weapons.


The current energy levels at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory have been increased from 1.2 TeV to 33 TeV (trillion electron volts) for the the Tevatron 2 trials scheduled for this March or April 2001.
Please check the Luminoisty Webpage at Fermilab to verify this enormous increase.

Clearly, this is enough energy to access those energies resident in de Sitter space thus produing a supernova. This is termed a Type Ia supernova and is used as a standard candle for distance estimates in observational astonomy.

Even though research is often risky this is an unacceptable risk since supernova production will destroy everthing out to a perimeter of some 50 light years.

Please contact me at for further information. Go to: ( Paul Dixon Supernova) on or (Paul W. Dixon supernova) as well to check various webpages on this topic.

Alas, it would seem that a fundamental conceptual error may lie at the basis of the autodestruction of civilization. This error was illustrated by none other than Carl Sagan who pointed out that our civilization had achieved sufficient scientific advancement in several areas such as biology and physics such that we could destroy our civilization with for example, mutant anthax spores or with nuclear exchanges with Russia. As a possible alternate method of self-destruction, we also have the development of high-energy physics experimentation with the energies now in use - again increasing at the Fermi National Acclerator Laboratory. A laboratory experiment must seem very scientific and safe yet the history of high-energy physics is replete with examples of the loss of the experiment, human life and the the surrounding territory. What is here indicated is only an increase in scale up to some 50 light years destruction from Type Ia Supernovae generation due to the great energies of de Sitter space. Tragically, we are now at the scientific level where we can access the fundamental forces of nature and hence doom both ourselves and our children.

All the children will thank you for yor prompt notification of your members of Congress and may the good God have mercy on our souls.


Yours sincerely,

Paul W. Dixon, Ph.D.
Supernova from Experimentation "


I doubt that anyone here including myself has the expertise to disprove the existence of de sitter space, a parallel brane in the universe or even string theory but you are all entitled to pretend you know. Like religion it does give some a sense of comfort in assuming everything is reduced down to their own boundaries of the known or that we already know more than we need to know.

Only 50 years ago the accepted steady state of the universe has been supplanted by the much despised catastrophe model. It took eye witnesses of the Schumaker Levy impacts to accept current impact phenomena in our solar system despite our moon staring us in the face with all its craters. Back in 1975 I saw the moon take an enormous impact. A large hemespheric explosion followed by a secondary small explosion was over in as little as 5 seconds.

Naturally not everyone sees the same thing. Collectively we as a population/mob are more accurate in deductions and good guesses than the individual. What is essential to this accuracy is the nature of the information given and of course being informed.

A toast to the freedom of information..*