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Posted By: GUEST,TIA
03-Jan-05 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: RE: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Wahoo! Finally, a thread where I can contribute, and not be totally talking out my butt. I am a practicing geophysicist (in industry and academics) with plenty of alphabet soup, plus experience, plus years of reading the relevant journals.

Scalar weapons are hooey. It all traces back to essentially one person not Tesla, nor Maxwell, although some of their ideas are often cited as the basis for scalar weaponry but to geophysicist Tom Bearden. Bearden's claims are based on flawed measurements, and misunderstandings of the physics involved, and imply violations of well-established principles (such as the 2nd law of thermodynamics), as well as the assumption that the grand unified theory (the Holy Grail of modern physics) has, in fact, already been found. It is a goobledygook of actual quantum electrodynamics terminology used in odd and meaningless combinations. Quite literally, it is part of the "free energy" and "perpetual motion machine" world of pseudoscience.

Now, no scientist can ever prove that something doesn't exist, but it is easy to state categorically that the evidence required to support the scalar weapons claims has not been presented in any public forum, and such evidence would necessarily conflict with many fundamental principles for which there is ample, ever-growing, interdisciplinary, and mutually supportive evidence.

Don't trust me. Read up on Mr. Bearden here (and go to the cited references if still doubtful):