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Posted By: lamarca
16-Nov-99 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: What Song Makes You Drop Everything?
Subject: RE: What Song Makes You Drop Everything?
There are always a few songs that I try not to play too often, so they will still have the "shiver down my spine" effect that wears off after too many exposures. A few of these for me:

No Regrets - Tom Rush; I still cry when I hear it...
Aqaba - Bill Caddick song as sung by June Tabor; I can SEE T.E. Lawrence when I hear the song
Beeswing - Richard Thompson; a recent favorite, again, it makes me cry; is this about Anne Briggs?
"Ashes Are Burning" and "Black Flame" - Renaissance; Annie Haslam had another voice that could grab your soul
"Oh, Fortuna" from Orff's Carmina Burana - shiver!
Mozart's "Requiem" - I got a chance to sing it in college choir, and I have to stop everything and listen if it's on our local classical station
"Harold in Italy" - Berlioz; I grew up hearing Yehudi Menuhin's recording of this, and it STILL grabs me!

I guess maybe I'm really susceptible to music - there are so many pieces that I don't just hear, but FEEL viscerally. The best music for me is that which wraps up my feelings and physical sensations and transports me elsewhere for the time it is playing. I feel lucky in that there are pieces from the classical repertoire, traditional music, rock and contemporary that make me feel that way; it is a blessing in my life to be able to hear and feel music and have it be a comfort, catharsis, escape or joy-bringer.