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Posted By: Grab
01-Jan-05 - 07:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: RE: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Using enormous electrical energy sources they produce waves that can pass right through the core of the earth. Where 2 longitudinal waves cross and interfere with one another tremendous energy is released with explosive results in the atmoshere or deep within the earth. In the earth it can heat granite (peizo electric crystals) and the stone itself expands.

That's bullshit. Maybe you aren't aware, but the centre of the earth is already very hot. Microwaves will certainly heat stuff up, but the effect is seriously limited - it'd be like trying to boil a pan of water with a Zippo lighter. And as far as the "enormous electrical energy sources" go, which two cities' electricity supplies did they come from?

How long have they been around? Technically since Tesla's time but practically for the last 3 decades.

So what happened 30 years ago to make this possible?

There is no doubt a scaler weapon can be used to trigger these effects but I have absolutely no evidence that it was.

The implication is clear though - you're certain that it was.

As far as "no doubt" goes, there's actually a massive amount of doubt. *If* these effects existed (Tesla's autobiography claims this, but then he suffered from serious mental illness, many of his claims and experiments could never be reproduced, and an autobiography of someone in this situation is bound to be, shall we say, "unreliable") and *if* there was enough spare electricity supply, and *if* someone would order it done, then I guess it could happen. But all three conditions seem so unlikely as to render this highly implausible.