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Posted By: robomatic
30-Dec-04 - 10:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: RE: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Tesla lived to a ripe age, but not a happy one. He was afflicted with a mental condition, I doubt it was ever diagnosed, but not unlike Howard Hughes. That, plus the fact that he was probably not given due recognition for his many genuine accomplishments, led to successive waves of people turning him into an almost mystical figure.

He didn't really work much with Edison. Edison was one of the great untutored geniuses, and he had a distrust of well educated people, which Tesla certainly was. Tesla quit Edison and went to work for George Westinghouse, a self-made millionaire who I believe invented a practical air-brake for railroads. Anyhow, the AC system developed by Tesla and Westinghouse, which involved the 3-phase inductive motor and a project which harnessed the Niagara River for a great hydroelectric power station, put Westinghouse on top of the electrical technology heap in the US. Edison's company had to convert from DC to AC whereupon he took his name off the company and it became simply: "General Electric".

The rumors of Tesla being involved with death rays and transmission of power over long distances are not backed up by any real information. One CAN broadcast power without wires, but it is horribly inefficient.

Thanks for explaining 'dialectic' Harpgirl. I still don't understand what you mean, but-a I thought-a you meant-a we were all-a gonna haave to-a talka like-a diss-a. I stand corrected.

Unfortunately, the language affords us the ability to talk about many impossible things. The mere fact that it can be put into words, or even imagined, or made into a movie, don't make the numbers work, however plausible it may look. And many folk like to start threads off with a bit of trollery drollery, as is the case here. I think of it as shooting the bull when I've got nothin' better to do.

ciao frnow