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Posted By: Alaska Mike
30-Dec-04 - 10:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: RE: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Nicola Tesla was probably the greatest genius that this world has ever produced. His work with Thomas Edison changed the way we use electricity. He took Edison's DC current which was limited and costly and found a way to make the current alternate thereby creating AC current and making electricity much more useful.

There are many curiosities about Tesla's life and his death. After he died, his residence was taken over by the US Military and all of his writings and notes are still classified TOP SECRET by the government. It is even rumored that one of his experiments in transferring electricity without using wires was the cause of the Tunguska explosion in Siberia in 1908.

I don't know anything about Scalar Weapons. But if anyone was capable of inventing such a device it would most certainly be Nicola Tesla. And it wouldn't surprise me if it took nearly a century for other scientists to finally begin to understand his theories on the subject. Just my two cents.