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Posted By: Donuel
29-Dec-04 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
What could be so terrible that it does not even drip from the lips of Dick Cheney and his pals when they speak of weapons of mass destruction?

Scaler Weapons. as known as the Tesla howitzer, longitudinal wave production, energy shield, earthquake machines, fireball cannons etc.

How do they work?

Using enormous electrical energy sources they produce waves that can pass right through the core of the earth. Where 2 longitudinal waves cross and interfere with one another tremendous energy is released with explosive results in the atmoshere or deep within the earth. In the earth it can heat granite (peizo electric crystals) and the stone itself expands.

How long have they been around?
Technically since Tesla's time but practically for the last 3 decades.

In the case of the last 2 Christmas day earthquakes (1 year and 58 minutes apart) that have struck in Muslim countries (or right offshore), the signiture is similar. A gigantic bulge first appears until forces resolve toward and equilibrium resulting in an earthquake. Make no mistake, earthquakes are ubiquitous and the Sumatra area is reknown for the most devestationg eruptions and quakes in recorded history (Krakatoa etc.) Most often earthquakes are triggered by gravitational tidal effects in reaction with the stresses of Earth's shifting mantle. However when certain earthquakes bear a similar and unique signiture one's curiosity whould be peaked.

This Christmas the earth's rotation slowed by 3 milliseconds due to an enormous bulge in one area followed by an earthquake. This effect is like you spinning in a rotating office chair and then you stick out your legs and you immediately slow down. If you ice skate you know this phenomena well when you spin.
The entire planet then wobbled on its axis and the vulnrable fault zone let go creating an earthquake and ocean wave of enormous proportion.

There is no doubt a scaler weapon can be used to trigger these effects but I have absolutely no evidence that it was.

Politically the use of a scaler weapon is viewed as an act of God and shields the attacker from respondsibility. Ethicly it is a terrorist cowardly act of meglomaniac proportions. It is unthinkable.

But it is something to think about.