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Posted By: Fay
01-Dec-04 - 10:41 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: cockney rhyming slang songs
Subject: Lyr Add: TOTTIE
Thats great, found a transcription in another thread. got any history about it? where does it come from, what kinds of places has it been sung and by whom?


(Transcribed from the singing of Terry Yarnell on Argo SPA 307)

As she walked along the street with her little plates of meat,
And the summer sunshine falling on her golden Barnett Fair,
Bright as angels from the skies were her dark blue mutton pies,
In me East and Westend Cupid shot a shaft and left it there.

She'd a Grecian I suppose, and of Hampstead Heath two rows,
In her sunny South they glistened like two pretty rows of pearls.
Down upon me bread and cheese did I drop and murmur: "Please
Be me storm and strife dear Tottie, Oh you darling Easter girl."

Then a bow wow by her side, which until then had stood and tried
A Jenny Lee to banish which was on his Jonah's whale,
Gave a hydrophobia bark, She cried "What a Noah's Ark",
And right through me rags and riches did me cribbage pegs assail.

Ere her bulldog I could stop, she had called a ginger pop
Who said "What the Henry Meville do you think you're doing there?"
And I heard as off I slunk, "Why, the fellows jumbo's trunk."
And the Walter Joyce was Tottie's with the golden Barnett Fair.