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Posted By: John in Brisbane
10-Nov-99 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: ABC software
Subject: RE: BS: ABC software
Bruce, yes I have paid for it, and I realised my mistake within a few minutes of sending my earlier thread.

I'll be responding to the Curragh of Kildare thread, but ABCMUS often does a pretty good job of producing chords. I don't/can't understand its algorithms, but the quality of results seems to depend heavily on the description of the key signature, particularly the mode. Your annotation of F Mixolydian gave an interesting (good) interpretation. I must have a play and see if it performs as well if it is told that the key is F Major or D Minor.

The thought strikes me that the addition of chords to your collection of tunes would be an even more astounding contribution to the world of folk. I guess it depends on my assertion that mode description is a major determinant of the quality of chord analysis. I'll let you know if I come up with anything interesting.

Regards, John