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Posted By: Cluin
30-Nov-04 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: Ovation Guitar: how to reattach top?
Subject: RE: Ovation Guitar: how to reattach top?
I've got an Applause MAE-148 mandolin. The top hasn't come loose but the finish on the top has a nice deep crack from the end of the fretboard to the bridge. It happened due to the temperature change one winter from the cold car to the warm house. No ill effects from it structurally that I can find.

However, last year the bridge blew apart. The culprit was those holes drilled across it for the strings to go through. It is a common technique used on Ovation & Applause guitars too. Not too wise, IMO, since it creates a very weak spot waiting to split, especially on a small-bridged mando with eight strings running through it. Took it out of the case at one practice and was horrified to see the bridge split apart and the strings dangling every which way. Cost me about 45 bucks to have a local repairman put a new bridge (ordered from Kaman) on it. Plays just as good as new now.

Also, this spring, I had to do a bit of refurbishing work on the thing. Had to replace the tuners with some new ones ordered from Stew-Mac because one had a split knob that wouldn't hold together when it was reglued. The newer tuners are better and the things holds tune better with them. Also, the neck was pulling forward and away from the body at the heel. So I took off the strings, bored a small hole through the neck heel into the hollow body and put a bolt through it, squirted in some epoxy and bolted the neck heel down tight to the body of the mando. Problem solved. Added a strap button to the neck heel too.

It's not a real easy mandolin to play (the unison strings are too far apart and too close to the adjacent strings for good picking, it seems to be more of a strummer), but the pickup/preamp/on-board EQ in it is just great and is pretty well balanced with my guitar, so I use it a lot. I don't much care how it looks; it's a gigging machine. As long as it holds together and makes a joyful sound, I'm happy.